Medical Spotlight

These dogs have all come to Champs Chance with a variety of medical conditions that required extensive care. Our Medical Spotlight page showcases the stories of these brave dogs and the extraordinary efforts our team put in to nurse them back to health. From surgeries to medication and rehabilitation, we spared no effort to provide the best care possible. The page not only highlights the remarkable resilience of these dogs but also serves as a reminder of the importance of proper medical attention. Without this care, many of these dogs would have lived shorter lives. We hope that by showcasing these animals in particular, we can get them into the homes they deserve.

Meet our dogs...



Noodle is a calm and sweet dog who was rescued along with his siblings. Although two of his siblings have found their forever homes, Noodle is still waiting for his own. He enjoys playing with other dogs and toys and has an optimistic attitude despite never having his own home. Unfortunately, Noodle has been diagnosed with a Grade 5 heart murmur, and local vets have given him an estimated 6-12 months to live. However, there is a $5000 procedure available at Auburn University that can potentially save his life.

Despite his heart condition, Noodle remains a playful and go-with-the-flow dog. He enjoys spending time with humans and other dogs and is often relaxed. Noodle is ready for a loving home, but in the meantime, he continues to enjoy life as he knows it and loves to play with his sister and kennel-mate. With the potential for life-saving treatment available, Noodle's future is uncertain, but his sweet personality and playful spirit continue to shine.

Baby Boy

Baby Boy celebrated his first birthday in February but it has been a hard year for him to say the least. Like many others, he came to us as a puppy with his sister from a shelter in Texas. He had a problem with his hip that he just underwent surgery for that was likely due to being hit by a vehicle. But while his past has been difficult, his future is bright and his hip won't bother him anymore! As you can see from those sweet puppy dog eyes, Baby Boy has a lot of love to give and is hoping that by his second birthday, he'll be celebrating in his forever home with humans who love him. If you think that could be you, let us know! Baby Boy can't wait to meet you.

baby boy
buddy boy

Buddy Boy

Poor sweet Buddy Boy was found as a stray, wandering the streets of North Florida when a neighbor found him and called us. Estimated to be about four years old, he may not be able to tell us his story but its clear that he hasn't had it easy. He appeared to have an injured leg, which turned out to be a problem with a ligament which we have had surgically repaired. But none of this hardship has affected that smile! His foster mom says he is the very best dog. We would love for you to meet him and see if you have room to give this boy a great home. He will give you nothing but love in return!