We are Champs Chance Inc

We were founded with the goal to help dogs with the greatest need. Dogs are often turned away from rescues or euthanized in shelters if they require too much care or medical attention. Through advocating, rehabilitating, and adoption, Champs Chance Inc aims to fill this gap in the region.

Champs Chance Map

A North Florida Dog Rescue

Based in Quincy, Florida, located just outside the bustling captial city of Tallahassee, our rescue proudly serves North Florida communities with compassion and dedication.

Please take a look at the dogs we currently have in our care; if any stand out to you, please reach out to inquire.

Our Story

Champ's Chance began with a heart-wrenching journey when Alicia, our founder, faced the limitations of existing rescues in saving dogs like Champ. Determined to make a difference, she broke free to create a haven where every dog, regardless of their medical needs, could find love and care.

Inspired by the indomitable spirit of Champ and Chance, we stand as a beacon of hope for dogs deemed unworthy of rescue. Their legacy fuels our mission to provide every dog with the chance they deserve, nurturing them back to health and happiness.

Champs Chance Story

"Champ was the reason behind it all. When I couldn't give him the resources he needed to save him, it changed me." -Alicia

Event Calendar

Click the calendar to see a list of all of our events that we'll be at! Stop by to see some of our lovely dogs in person, talk about the adoption process, or even just support us by showing up.

We can also always use help, check out the Volunteer Page for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different from other rescues in the area?
We were founded specifically to help dogs with special medical needs. Many other rescues try to stretch their dollars as far as possible to help as many dogs as they can, which often times means turning away or euthanizing dogs who need extensive care. Even though our funds are also limited, we were founded with the goal to fill this gap and help these extra vulnerable dogs. Of course, we also help dogs without special medical needs, too. This is why no donation is too small and every dollar counts!
Is your staff paid?
Nope! Our staff is made up entirely of volunteers in the community. We currently have a very small volunteer base and desperately need more help, please inquire if you are interested in learning more about how to help!
How do you receive your funding?
We receive all of our funding from fundraisers, events, and generous community donations. Our founder, Alicia, pays for much of the costs herself (with currently maxed-out credit cards). Please consider donating. All funds go directly to the care of the dogs!
Where do your dogs come from?
Our dogs come from a variety of places. Many are from off the streets as strays, some are pulled from over-crowded rural shelters, and others are transferred from other states that are at risk of euthanasia. Each dog has a unique story, and unfortunately most of them have yet to experience the luxury of a happy and safe home.
Why are there ads on the website?
We understand the curiosity! Running our website comes with a monthly cost, and while the ads do help, they don't quite cover it all. Your support, whether it's through website engagement or contributing directly, goes a long way in keeping us up and running to help more dogs find loving homes in Quincy and Tallahassee!